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Inventory Consignment

If you prefer to receive offers from the community at large, Solar Technologies can help facilitate that, as well. Our inventory consignment program can quickly improve your company’s cash flow and help alleviate your materials management burden.

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What is Inventory Consignment?

During a mutually specified time period (typically one year), your company’s overstock and excess inventory is consigned to Solar Technologies to sell on your behalf. Although the inventory may be stored at Solar Technologies, the legal ownership remains with your company.

Upon successful sale of all or part of the inventory, the proceeds shall be transmitted to your company, less the mutually agreed commission for transacting the sale.

What are the benefits?

Excess inventory can tie up your company’s vital cash flow, and over time, some inventory items may become obsolete. Solar Technologies can help reduce and recover any potential loss before it becomes fully realized.

Solar Technologies is a trusted electronics distributor with a supply chain network that spans the globe. We have a high success rate of selling our customers’ excess inventory.

Additionally, Solar Technologies is able to store and manage the consigned inventory at our local warehouse. This can help improve your own warehouse efficiency and help to alleviate some of your materials management issues.

When do I receive payment?
Solar Technologies remits regular monthly payments on all consigned inventory within the following calendar month from the date the consigned inventory is sold.