Solar Technologies offers the following value-added products and services that are critical to making your LCD project a success.


  • Intrakit

Solar Technologies provides a way to minimize your engineering design time while at the same time reducing your overall cost, with Solar Technologies intraKits™.

Convenient intraKits™ are a series of high-resolution LCD and controller card kits that provide a simple, Commercially available Off-The-Shelf (COTS) solution for a variety of different market segments, including simulation devices, commercial and military avionics, medical, industrial, gaming and entertainment.

The intraKit™ options include standard to semi-customized A/D board kit solutions, including inverter with cable, OSD board, VGA cable, and optional touch screen and controller with cables. Clients frequently find that intraKits™ provide just the right solution for their display requirements.

Please contact our Technical Sales team to discuss which solution may be the perfect fit for your project requirements, thereby minimizing your engineering design time and reducing your overall cost. Samples are immediately available on most intraKits™. Solar Technologies works diligently to ensure that customer inquiries are addressed promptly, and to deliver unsurpassed technical and engineering support services.

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  • Controllers/Adapters
  • Touch Screens
  • Optical Bonding
  • >Inverters/Drivers